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V2 Flavor Cartridges Ex-series review

Now everyone has heard about the new cigarettes, called V2 E-Cigarettes, and how much safer their supposed to be than a tobacco cigarette, but I want to talk about the many flavors there are. These new vapor cigarettes have so many flavors, so much more than a regular cigarette. Where could you possibly find a good deal on get exactly what flavors you want? Well the best place I would say is online. There’s a great new deal online and maybe few stores, like this great site with there amazing deals with V2 cigs coupons and more deals on a V2 flavor cartridges Ex-series a 20 pack of them. Doesn’t that sound so much better than hunting all over town or everywhere online to find what flavor you like? In this pack you would get to choose four of your favorite flavors and have extra of your favorites. You can get almost double puffs that of a nv2-cigs-eu-prefilled-ex-flavor-cartridges-20-packormal V2 e-cigarette cartridge, about 400 +. So not only would you be able to get four of your favorite flavors, but the cartridge would also last longer than a regular V2 cartridge. This new cartridge also give u a great new way to tell you how much is left in you cartridge, a small little window on the side. These cartridges come in so many flavors, half of them you would even imagine they would be able to make. There’s Strawberry desire, it taste as if you’re having a strawberry dipped in sweet chocolate. Most of each of these flavors comes with your choice of the strength of your E-cigarette. Another flavor would be Mojito; it’s supposed to be drinking a delicious mojito. A V2 Flavor cartridge also makes Zig-zag flavors. There’s Mango, it’s like tasting fresh fruit punch. What about Dragon berry, well of course they make that too. The Dragon berry V2 is supposed to taste of sweet berries. They have some menthol flavors such as, green tea menthol. The green tea menthol has mixed the great taste of green tea and refreshing mint. Theres even some Specialty flavors, such as cherry. Cherry is the taste of a great fresh picked cherry. Needless to say this is a wonderful product that you should jump on. You get a great product that last so much longer than the original and has a lot more flavors to choose from. This product would make a great present for yourself or even a friend or family member. If I were you I would pick up on this great new deal before their all gone. Good luck!